Kisankraft Manual Sprayer

Kisankraft Manual Sprayers

Kisankraft Manual Sprayer price 2020

Kisankraft Manual Sprayers

Kisankraft Manual sprayer KK-PS2000 price specification 2020 yellow 2000ml/2 liter gardening sprayer price starts at Rs-245/-with specification and buying option on amazon India.

Kisankraft Manual Sprayer price specification 2020

Kisankraft Manual Sprayer price 2020

KK-PS-2000 is the model name of kisankraft make manual sprayer for gardening and agriculture purpose.

Multipurpose, Thick Body, Continues operation button, Adjustable nozzle, Easy Hand grip are some of the key features of kisankraft KK-PS-2000 manual sprayer for gardening and agriculture.
KK-PS2000 Price specification 2020

KK-PS2000 Price specification 2020

This sprayer is useful for gardening small backyard gardens, lawns, and flower pots to sprinkle water on the plants.

After using, sprinkling water on the plants, plants grow properly and look fresh all the time.

You can use this “manual sprayer” for room freshener, mirror cleaning, and other stuff in the house.

Its handy size and gripper helps to handle easily.

Continues operation button helps you to use continuously for spraying water, pesticides, soapy water as per your need.

Kisankraft Manual Sprayer price specification 2020


Kisankraft manual sprayer KK-PS-5000 yellow 5 liter multipurpose gardening agriculture farming washing cleaning sprayer price Rs-740/-and specification

Hello friends

in this article we will be knowing all the details of manual sprayer for gardening , farming, agriculture made by kisankraft .

Kisankraft Manual Sprayers

Kisankraft manual sprayer KK-PS5000 price specification 2020

The model name is KK-PS-5000 as its showing this is 5 liter manual sprayer.
Kisankraft kk-ps5000 price specification

This sprayer is popular among the gardening lovers, lawn owners, nursery owners as it is very handy and light weight sprayer at lowest price and brand image.

due to service network and easy availability it is most trusted brand in the country.

farmers now a days buying online on amazon like site due to easy to buy option availability.

Kisankraft Manual Sprayers
now see some images below to get some idea about the product.

for more use of this product you can visit

this is multipurpose sprayer you can use for gardening, farming, glass cleaning, car and bike cleaning.


Kisankraft Manual Sprayer price 2020

Kisankraft Manual sprayer KK-PS1000 price specification 2020

kisankraft KK-PS1000 price specification 2020

price of KisanKraft Manual prayer KK-PS1000 is Rs-195/- only

This product is available on
The sprayer comes with following specifications.
KK-PS1000 is manufactured import and distributed by KisanKraft Ltd an Indian Based company with more than 3500 dealers across India with ready spares availability.

Kisankraft Manual Sprayer price 2020

KK-ps1000 is popular sprayer among this category.
this product is used for spraying pesticides.
with 2mm wall thickness make this product strong .
chemical and solvent resistant material is one of the best part of this KK-PS1000 manual sprayer.

one fill of 1 liter can be used for 30 times and adjustable nozzle is one more best thing of kk-ps1000 kisankraft manual sprayer.
I strongly recommend you to buy this product online or offline .
you can buy from my affiliate link below.

Kisankraft Manual Sprayer price 2020


Price of kk-ps-8000 price is Rs-836/- on

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