Honda Generator

Honda Generator

if you are looking for Honda Generator Price 2019, Latest Price, Model and specification|Honda Generator you will get what you are looking for here


“Honda Generator” “Honda Generator Price list” 2019, Latest Price, Model and specification|Honda Generator

Honda generator latest price list 2019

Honda generator latest price 2019

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“Honda generator” latest price 2019 , Get best price specification and online buying options for 500 watt to 5.5 kva Honda portable generator

Honda Generator Price 2019, Latest Price, Model specification|Honda Generator

In this article i will tell you all about Honda generator latest price 2019.
In this post you will be able to know about all honda generator products and models. I will guide you how to buy online and can get discounts from the dealer seller from

First of all we’ll see about company profile.
Honda generator is manufactured by Honda siel power in india and is listed in Indian share market. So relax and don’t worry about the brand this is a global brand and known for quality product and innovative product.

Honda generator is well established brand and selling portable generator India with their dealer network for last 31 years.

Company is located in Delhi and the address is given below.They also have a toll free customer care number, which is also given below
Registered office
#409 DLF Tower B
Jasola commercial complex.
South Delhi
New Delhi 110025
and toll free number for honda siel power product is 1800112323.

Now let’s talk about the topic “Honda generator latest price 2019”
If we talk about honda generator they have various models to cater the customer need. they have Three categories wide Inverter series, silent series, and handy series.

First of all we will go with Inverter series “Honda Generator”
In Inverter Series They have 2 models one is EU30is and other is “EU70is”.
let’s check out the complete “technical specification of Honda EU30is”
The silent feature of Honda EU30is generator are as follows.

Easy to start – there are two ways to start this generator , one is with push start and other is rope/pull start.

Fuel Efficient- Due to 4 stroke OHV engine technology and Electronic Throttle systems makes this generator fuel efficient and less pollutant.

Fuel Gauge option-This option helps you to monitor fuel level in the the generator.

Circuit Breaker – This is most important feature of this generator.
If generator runs on overload condition or any short circuit takes place, this protects your generator. This feature cut off power output from the generator socket.

Oil Alert System- This is also an important feature of EU30is generator.
this generator stops automatically if lubricating oil gets lower than recommended level.

“Honda Generator Price” 2019, Latest Price, Model specification|Honda Generator

Honda generator latest price 2019

“Technical specification of Honda EU30is portable generator”

Now lets see the technical specification of Honda EU30is portable generator.
This generator is equipped with 4 stroke OHV( over head valve) Japanese Technology Engine. Engine model is G200 which is globally proven Engine for portable generator application.

The advanced technology Eco throttle and imonitor display with auto choke makes this generator easy for oprationand monitor.

Honda EU30is can be started with electric start or rope start , both options are available in this generator.

Honda EU30is generator can generate maximum power of 3000 va (3kva)and you can run 2800 va continually.
Fuel tank capacity is 12.5 liters.
Remember during installation and commissioning understand all the precautionary thing.

Honda EU30is generator complies all the regulation of CPCB central pollution control board.

You can Buy Honda EU30IS generator from local dealer and online too.
Price of Honda EU30is is Rs 105000/- which is a online price on during publishing this post.

Price may change any time. also check for offers, discounts , cash back offers and EMI option before you buy this generator.

Buy online from
That’s all for now

Now We will see “Technical specification and price of Honda EU70is”.
As we have already seen in EU30is most of the features are same because this is Inverter based generator.

1) Engine specification
Engine CC-389cc
Starting system-Recoil/ Electric start
Ignition system-Full transistor Ignition
Fuel Tank Capacity- 19.2 liters
Sound level 85.2 LWA(db)

2) Generator
Max output- 7kva
rated output-5.5 kva
Rated current 23.9 AMP
Rated voltage 230-
Frequency 50 Hzs

Honda Generator Price 2019, Latest Price, Model specification|Honda Generator

Oil alert, circuit breaker, Easy start, fuel gauge option, easy to carry and large service network makes this brand india’s preferred generator brand in India. all these features are explained above.

Price of Honda EU70is in India is around 2,20,000 to 2, 50,000/-
You can buy EU70is generator from amazon India and avail best offers , cash back, discount and EMI options.

I hope you liked this post. In next post we will discuss on Silent and hany series.


Honda Generator

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honda portable genset

Honda Generator
Honda generator Dealers in India, honda genset dealer list

Honda A big Name, no need to explain about the Brand, honda itself is a certificate of Quality, Innovation and satisfaction.Honda Generator comes under portable genset handy series inverter generator.
Compact, fuel-efficient Honda generator models provide smooth and clean power for recreation, construction, rental, emergency and home use.

Honda Generator

Honda GenX is equipped with a sound absorption system which is also known as sound proof Acoustic canopy. specially designed mufflers help absorb the engine noise.
The generator meets the applicable Noise Regulation (Phase-II) of Central Pollution Control Board (Govt. of India).
silent features of honda generators are-easy starting,fuel efficient,oil alert system,circuit breaker,service network, easy to carry, and follow all national standards of air emission regulation CPCB
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Honda Generator

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Compact, fuel-efficient Honda generator models provide smooth and clean power for recreation, construction, rental, emergency and home use.

Honda Generator-EP1000

Compact, fuel-efficient Honda generator models provide smooth and clean power for recreation, construction, rental, emergency and home use.

honda generator eu30is

The i-Deluxe Series is the first to use Honda's proprietary "i-Monitor" technology which provides information for hours of operation, wattage and engine speed; as well as diagnostics for convenient servicing. Standard features include electric starting, Honda's patented Eco-Throttle for extended run time, , two-wheel transport kit and folding handles.

Honda Generator Price 2019, Latest Price, Model and specification|Honda Generator

The Honda EU65is Deluxe Series generator offers 6500 watts of portable, inverter power. The EU65is is ready to join you on your next outdoor adventure or provide emergency back up power for your home. You'll love the low noise operating level (52 to 60 dBA) and so will your neighbours.

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