Diesel Generator

Diesel Generator
Hey guys if you are looking for or searching for Diesel generator ,then you are at right place.

Gensetwala is a platform which is all about Diesel generator, electric generator generator brands, generator dealers.
First of all let’s see what is Diesel generator and why world prefer to buy a Diesel generator.

Diesel generator is a power generator unit which runs on Diesel driven fixed or variable constant RPM engine.
Diesel generator consists of Diesel engine, ac or dc alternator, fuel tank, control panel and a frame or a canopy.
Diesel generators may be used as a primery source of electricity or one can use for continues power, emergency power, standby power or commercial power.
Diesel engines are reliable low running costs and hassle-free starting these are some key factors why Diesel generator are preferred for power backups.
Now which Diesel generator is good, you may ask which generator is cheap, which Diesel generator is best, these some question may come to your mind when you start thinking for buying a Diesel generator or an ac electric generator.

Diesel Generator
Being in India I will talk about the top few Diesel generator brand which are working and manufacturing Diesel generators for years..
One of them is the Top Diesel generator manufacturing company and who owns brand called KOEL GREEN earlier it was known as Kirloskar green.
Here are some top brand who manufacture and market Diesel generator in India are as follows.

I will keep koel green on the top
1) Kirloskar diesel generator
2) Cummins diesel generator
2) Mahindra powerol diesel generator
3) Ashok Leyland diesel generator
4) Greaves cotton diesel generator
5) Cat diesel generators
6) Kohler diesel generator
7) Perkins generator
9) JCB generator

Before we move on to the detailed view on above listed company products, you must know following things while you planed to buy a Diesel generator.
what capacity generator you need
For this you must calculate your total load and future expansion in mind.
If you are unable to calculate make a list of electrical appliances machines or whatever you want to run on the diesel generator set.
Now do some research on various diesel generator brands and their dealer OEM or branch near by your place.
Make a list of generator brands which you are going to buy.
Now call the authorised representative of the diesel generator supplier nearby you and ask for the load calculation of your requirement.
Once you finalize the diesel generator brand ask for quotation and allied work require.
Always ask generator price from at least three supplier, dealers or OEM.
Check out their reviews feedback on the internet.
Check out the history of that dealer supplier or OEM in terms of service.
Because after sale service is the most important part of any machine.
Take some list of customers from the dealer supplier which you have selected.
Get feedback from them about service end, most of the time company itself provide service support but in some cases company appoints service dealer too.

I think this will help you selecting a Diesel generator when you plan to buy.
Now let’s look at some product range from various companies who manufacture ,supply generator in India.

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