chhota chilli 2.1kva petrol genset price

chhota chilli 2.1kva petrol genset price

Chhota chilli is a product by kirloskar green generator now koel green

chhota chilli gives power output 2400 watt max and 2100 watt rated at 50 Hzs and delivers 8.34 Amp Rated current.
Chhota chilli KCC -P-2.1.AS is equiped with latest OHV 4 stroke petrol / Gasoline Engine and complies to CPCB-II norms.
Chhota chilli 2.1kva genset is portable and easy to move on wheels.
you can run fan , tubes, grinder, mixer, laptop, computer, tv , fridge and other small electrical and electronic appliances, just you need to calculate the required appliance which you want to run.
you can calculate the wattage or current of an appliance very easily . Usually manufacturer of electrical, electronic appliances provide name plate on the product where all technical specification are being provided.
you just need to calculate and find out which model or which product is useful for you.
Below the Advertisement technical specifications are provided which will help you selecting the generator.

engine-OHV 4 STROKE

Voltage-230 v Ac
Max output-2400va
Rated Output-2100va
fuel tank-6.5 ltr
Service – available
Warranty Available
Price of this genset is Rs-84071/- on official website of
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