Gensetwala.in is a small advertising and lead management BLOG/WEBSITE based in Pune. This website is a small effort taken by the team for the genset related industry and customer who are looking for the perfect product at a best price available in a closest place.

We aim to make this website a platform and a single destination for manufacturer & dealers of genset and prospect who are interested in buying. By saying dealers we are saying that sellers, repairing service providers and genset rental service providers, all will be benefited with this platform.

Gensetwala.in is a Directory , classified ad directory of Diesel Generator supplier, vendor, Diesel generator exporter, Generator service center, dg set repair and service workshop, Diesel generator dealers, Generator hiring, suppliers of Diesel Engines, Construction machines, suppliers of agriculture machine, maintenance , AMC PROVIDER, diesel generator spare part dealer, dg set parts supplier, generator part manufacturer, etc.

The directory is also included allied products like controller supplier, battery supplier, controller manufacturers, muffler supplier, muffler dealer, silensor supplier, canopy suppliers, acoustic enclosure manufacturer, fabricator, casting, spare part suppliers, electric wire supplier, AMF manufacturers, foam , powder coating service providers, wiring harness supplier. glasswool , rockwool suppliers, list of fabricators, bellow pipes.